Ataei Jewelry Objectives and Services

Backed by four generations' credit and more than a century of experience in Jewelry industry, this precious gem of art, Ataei Jewelry aims to bring you valuable sense of beauty in the passage of life moments by designing and manufacturing stunning jewelry. We are proud of realizing your dreams along with our group's elite experts.
In order to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction and customer orientation, Ataei Jewelry attempts to provide a variety of services in the jewelry industry. Therefore, respected clients of the shop can enjoy the available products in the shop or non-presence sales section in the website which is possible with telephone counseling method. But we claim to implement all of your orders in the fields of gold, silver jewelry with a very favorable price and quality. In doing so, all of the produced designs are publically accessible in the gallery section of the shop so that they guide the consumers' order. If an idea or plan is presented on the behalf of the consumers, we are ready to produce that product in the best way.
In order to achieve goals such as the shop's product flow and events ahead, the special sales department provides some products with special discounts. For enjoying this service, you can also receive the necessary advices like non-presence telephone counseling method.
Repairing, engraving and electroplating services are enabled for the respected clients of the shop in the same way as the past.
We are grateful for your trust and we acknowledge your valuable criticisms as a guideline of the continuation of this momentous path.

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